straight men.

*adds this to the list of reasons to hate James Franco*

She is so unamused. Ferris Buhler, she is having none of you tonight.

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We were grabbing a bite of lunch at a small cafe, in a mall, right across from a booth that sold jewelry and where ears could be pierced for a fee. A mother approaches with a little girl of six or seven years old. The little girl is clearly stating that she doesn’t want her ears pierced, that’s she’s afraid of how much it will hurt, that she doesn’t like earrings much in the first place. Her protests, her clear ‘no’ is simply not heard. The mother and two other women, who work the booth, begin chatting and trying to engage the little girl in picking out a pair of earrings. She has to wear a particular kind when the piercing is first done but she could pick out a fun pair for later.

"I don’t want my ears pierced."

"I don’t want any earrings."

The three adults glance at each other conspiratorially and now the pressure really begins. She will look so nice, all the other girls she knows wear earrings, the pain isn’t bad.

She, the child, sees what’s coming and starts crying. As the adults up the volume so does she, she’s crying and emitting a low wail at the same time. “I DON’T WANT MY EARS PIERCED.”

Her mother leans down and speaks to her, quietly but strongly, the only words we could hear were ‘… embarrassing me.’

We heard, then, two small screams, when the ears were pierced.

Little children learn early and often that ‘no doesn’t mean no.’

Little children learn early that no one will stand with them, even the two old men looking horrified at the events from the cafeteria.

Little girls learn early and often that their will is not their own.

No means no, yeah, right.

Most often, for kids and others without power, ”no means force.”

from "No Means Force" at Dave Hingsburger’s blog.

This is important. It doesn’t just apply to little girls and other children, though it often begins there.

For the marginalized, our “no’s” are discounted as frivolous protests, rebelliousness, or anger issues, or we don’t know what we’re talking about, or we don’t understand what’s happening.

When “no means force” we become afraid to say no.

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Self-perception determines our behavior. If we think we’re small, limited, inadequate creatures, than we tend to behave that way and the energy we radiate will tend to reflect those thoughts no matter what we do. If we think we’re magnificent creatures with an abundance of love and power to give, we tend to behave that way. When we relinquish the fears that block the love in us, we become miracle workers. Love can heal all relationships. All we need is a gentler perception. Transform fear to love. Focus on love and let the rest go. The Ego is relentless and will make up any argument to cast people out of our hearts. Deliver our temptation to judge and find fault.

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Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves, in order to discover two truths: that we are not who we thought we were; and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being.

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Mermaid try-outs at Disneyland c. 1960’s

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What’s holding you back?" Life asked "Um, I don’t know, not sure about this" I replied. Life said, "Trust me on this, you can’t really fail at anything if you just see the love in you and not withhold it from others and yourself; to just enjoy the moments, the experiences and the lessons. You came with all the tools for love, beauty and happiness, but instead of appreciating these gifts, you instead believed in the fear-based distortions of society. Let it all go, have fun and share.

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